Dry cleaning Pingwin

This is a wide range of household services for all occasions of life. You can clean and repair your wardrobe and home textiles, shoes and bags, carpets, fur and even furniture. Also at your disposal: repair of clothes and shoes, keys, repair of watches, jewellery making and repair

Technology and equipment

The pride of the Penguin chemical cleaners. We are looking for innovative solutions and apply high technology created for the safety and flawless cleanliness of your things.


Traditional, hydrocarbon, ecological cleaning, aquaculture and manual treatment... You may not understand the features of our work, but rest assured - we will choose the best way to clean for each of your things.

More than 60 dry cleaners

People trust us. The high reputation of Penguin chemical cleaners is more than 12 years of professional work in the St. Petersburg domestic services market, stable development and a successful partner program.