VR Pass is a point of immersion in virtual reality. These are vivid emotions, juicy impressions, with safety and comfort at the same time.

Here you will find about 200 VR games and applications for every taste: action games, puzzles, children's, sports, horror, travel.

The administrator will take into account your wishes and offer a program to your taste. Children will be offered a simulator of professions or minecraft, thrill-seekers will walk along a narrow plank between skyscrapers or shoot machine guns at space monsters. And those who are looking for peace of mind will be able to find themselves in a virtual aquarium at the bottom of the sea or walk along the mountain peaks. And much, much more awaits you in VR Pass.

There are 4 gaming places on the location, which means that up to 4 people can be in one virtual world. But if the tastes are different, you can play one at a time.